Thursday, January 24, 2013

Take a leap: Use what you have

Taking a leap is important to achieving success and helping you become a winner, we all need to take a leap from where we are now so that we can advance forward. This edition of taking a leap is focused on making use of what you have to achieve success, especially in the area of business and job creation.

Below are ten tips on what you should do in other to take a leap.

1. Everyone has a resource that they can use. If you don’t have a job, or you don’t have cash and you’re wondering what resource you have got. You have TIME resource.
2.    While waiting don’t give up on yourself, maximize your time and learn something, be creative and be unique
3.     Don’t lose heart while waiting, perfect what you have been doing, until you become perfected in it.
4.  Every business, every idea has a takeoff point, don’t miss your takeoff point. Understand your resource ‘Time’.
5.  Your take off point doesn’t mean that you have all that you need, rather it means the point when your prepared to test the waters with all that you have learnt over time.
6.   Irrespective of the immediate result on the outside whether good or bad have a continual heart of thanksgiving.
7.     With an attitude of thanksgiving and persistence on the path to success you would surely become a success in what you do.
8.   Your profiting would appear unto all shortly, understand that the trial of your faith worketh patience. Be patient, don’t be in haste.
9.     Opportunities would be open unto you in different areas, make wise choices. Lessons from the previous steps would be key here.
10.   The attitude of a winner is that of continual thanksgiving, follow this path and your success would increase in leaps.

Finally, read through the ten steps again, and I believe that by God’s grace and through prayers, success would continually be yours.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I got this from a contact and I believe it is worth sharing. “On hearing about the plane crash, I decided to board a cross country bus back to Lagos, after all passengers were boarded, a customer asked the driver to put on the ac, the drivers’ response was “it’s not working”, everyone on board took it as fate including I, saying to myself “ just get me to Lagos ac or not” but the disappointed customer did not however stop, he called the customer care number on his ticket, & insisted that the reason he travels cross country is because of their services, and asked why this was changing, to my greatest surprise, the bus was changed and an air conditioned bus was provided, that’s when it struck me. Shame on the person that sent a broadcast saying he had flown in the said aircraft before, and witnessed the problems, why did he not send out a broadcast then and perhaps his complains might have reached the aviation minister, shame on the engineers that are just telling us now that the plane was 22 years old and should have never hit airspace, shame on everyone sending silly broadcast messages saying your picture  or mine would never be used as a DP with RIP next to it, because that’s all we are content with, once we, our family and our friends are safe we keep on striving powerlessly in this country that have shattered our dreams and hopes, I don’t plan to live forever and I consider it a privilege to be on a lot of peoples DP when my time comes, it would simply mean I stood for something. Worse of all shame on all those who signed a condolence broadcast just to be associated with the stars who signed before them, I really don’t understand how that would change anything, its not the country or the leaders that is the problem, it is us, we are killing ourselves, if we do not reject this our submissive way of living we would continue to die in our thousands, as I am not pointing fingers at anyone, we are all guilty, I am just saying it is time we stand up and make a change or we will keep dying.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

How true is the news of the baby born with Quran?

How true is the news of the baby boy born with a miniature  quran in his hand,PM news first reported the story two days ago and reaction have been trailing the news. Kindly read more on the story here

Share your view on this controversial story, what do you think?

Lagos Govt versus Sacked Doctors

After making the controversial decision to sack 788 striking doctors, the Lagos state government has indicated interest in having negotiation with the sacked doctors.

Speaking on Tuesday, the state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, said that “government is still available for negotiation.”
“The issue of negotiation has not been fore-closed; when they are willing, we are willing to dialogue with them, but our first priority is to restore services to the health sector,” he said.
“We are still ready to dialogue with the doctors and even negotiate. We have over time bent and bent to accommodate their demands. Sacking was not a palatable decision for us to take.”

Also Speaking on the employment of new doctors in the state, the Commissioner said it was a last resolve by the state government since the striking doctors refused to see reason with them and that the newly employed doctors have resumed work.
“The new doctors we recruited would have resumed today. Together with the new doctors that we have, Lagos presently has over 1,000 doctors in its employ and many doctors from all over Nigeria and the world have signified interest to work with us since this dispute and recruitment process began.”
“But we tried not to employ because we were still waiting for them to see reasons with us. We wanted to prevent it but the doctors were adamant.”

On their part, the Nigerian Medical Association has said that the sack was totally unacceptable. The newly elected National President of the Nigerian Medical Association, and a Consultant Family Physician, Dr. Osahon Enabulele said: “Our position is that the sack is totally unacceptable. It is an in indication of the fact that government did not listen to the voice of reasoning.”
“The earlier we revert to dialogue and drive mission of development in the healthcare, the better for all. The sack order by government is not in the interest of the people of Lagos, the state government and the governor. It is necessary for the government to have a rethink to go back to negotiation table. It is unfortunate that things degenerated to this extent.”


Considering the above and the resolve by the Lagos state government to negotiate with the sacked doctors, how reasonable would you consider the decision by the state government to evict the sacked doctors.

To read more on the story of the eviction of Lagos doctors from there residence click here

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NFF sacks over age Eaglets

 Excerpts from Vanguard Newspaper sport pages on  Nigerian sport titled "NFF sacks over-aged Eaglets" below is an except on the article.

In line with its avowed policy of whittling away age cheats from its under-aged national teams, no player from the Nigerian Premier League is among the list of players for the second phase closed camping of the Golden Eaglets that opened in Calabar on Monday.
This development has ruled out players such  as Gombe United’s Mustapha Babadidi, Segun Alebiosu of Kwara United amongst others from the list of prospective players under consideration for the National Under -17 Team in spite of the fact that they were reportedly within the stipulated age bracket.
Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Director, Technical, Dr. Emmanuel Ikpeme who is in Calabar for the smooth take-off  of the closed camping exercise, said  the shut-out order of Premier League players from the Golden Eaglets is  imperative. He noted that it was a positive development and should be seen as a genuine effort on the part of the NFF at developing new stars as well as the federation’s commitment at eradicating age cheats. The 40 players selected for the closed camping exercise were drawn from those that took part in the first phase screening exercise last March.

Top on the list of players already camped at the  posh Princeville Hotel camp is Muazzam Ibrahim who was tagged ‘ New Kanu’ by Supervising Sports Minister, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi when he played an unscheduled visit during the team’s screening exercise at the FIFA Goal Project Package B Site in Abuja.
Also included are  players from the National Under-15 team, top-rated youth tournaments such as the Shell Cup and Copa Coca-Cola as well as players from soccer academies scattered all over the country.
Officials maintained that this second phase closed camping is strictly for invited players to enable them  demonstrate their abilities as the team  intensifies  efforts to  represent the country in the forthcoming African Under-17 Youth Championship to be hosted in Morocco next year.

Read a detailed account of the story here.

Would it be right to say that the NFF has finally woken up to their responsibility of tackling age cheat in Nigerian football?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Nigerians lack access to improved improved drinking water, i never took the issue of water seriously until last week when pure(poor) water was out of sale in my environment OAU Ife in Osun state. Although Obafemi Awolowo University as a considerable improved drinking water system, students still prefer pure water and bottled water to that which is being supplied by the schools dam. Why the students in the University could still breathe a sigh of relief because they had an option in the absence of pure water, the same could not be said of their counter part in Ife Osun state.

This happening made me realize that the Government as neglected its duties in the provision of improved drinking water and that the citizenry now patronize pure water all in a vain to get access to improved drinking water. Although I believe that most pure waters are not pure, yet the fact that they are available and accessible as made a lot of Nigerians forget the fact that they have a right to quality water.
Water is essential for the survival of man, and if the issue of improved drinking water is not addressed the citizens are left to be faced by several disease which arises as a result of this.
More worrisome now is the fact that "pure water" which use to be affordable and accessible is no longer affordable. The price of pure water ranges from places to places in Nigeria. Pure water which use to be N5 is now N10 in most areas. In a country where more than 92% of its population live below poverty line and survive on less than $1 per day.

While I do not believe that a return of pure water to its initial price price would improve our lot, i can not also shy away from the fact that pure remains the average mans avenue to get access to good drinking water. I would greatly appreciate if someone out there can enlighten me on why pure water is now N10. Also, I believe that the government should endeavour to provide good drinking water for the citizenry, provision of good drinking water should not be limited to the urban areas alone it should touch the rural communities as well.

Below is a report by WHO

The World Health Organisation/United Nations Children’s Fund Joint Monitoring Program, in its 2012 progress report on drinking water and sanitation, has ranked Nigeria third behind China and India on the list of countries with the largest population without access to improved drinking water.
The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program report which covered between 1990 and the end of 2010, noted that about 66 million Nigerians lacked access to drinking water, while 34 million, about 20 per cent of the country’s population practised open defecation.
The other countries with large populations lacking access to potable water include China with 119 million, India — 97 million, Ethiopia — 46 million and Sudan — 18 million.

The above simply buttresses the point that Nigerians do not have access to good drinking water, in your opinion what do you think can be done to solve this problem of lack of good drinking water, considering the Nigerian population and the present realities in the areas of of good drinking water.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Finally to conclude our series on RELATIONSHIP, I will be concluding by talking about how to keep love alive, I will be talking from the perspective of a guy, so as the case is I will greatly appreciate if I can get suggestions from the female folks about how to keep love alive in a relationship.

You are in love with the girl of your dreams now. You finally found your heartthrob. You are in a relationship and you are enjoying every second of it. That is good. That is the way it is supposed to be. But the beauty is in making it endure the years that lay ahead. Yes, it is not about shinning but it is about lasting. As the guy, how do you achieve this? The first thing to do is to understand what a woman want and what she wants you to do. 
 A man has to put more care into his woman's feelings and expectations. I'm not saying you should wait on your lady hand and foot, but pay attention if you want your relationship to last. The problem is that many men don't put forth the effort to do meaningful little acts of compassion. With a woman you must understand that those little acts of compassion means a lot to her. It keeps her feeling loved. You must tend to these little needs if you want to maintain your relationship and the nice thing is that it is very easy to meet this need in your lady; they are little things you can do that will make great impacts.
            So what are these things women love? What are the little things you can do to show you care?  Come along with me as I teach you the little things; the things that helps in keeping the flames of love aglow.
Hold her hand
As mundane as it may seem, holding hands means a lot to women. The fact that you're telling the world the two of you are together, is a big turn-on for them. It also communicates love and affection. So when you are out together; shopping or just walking down the street, keep her hands in yours.

Pay her a compliment
Telling her you love her new dress and new shade of lipstick is great and implies that you notice the little changes she makes to look good, which incidentally are done for you. It gives her a sense of being together with you; that her efforts towards the person she loves is being actually noticed makes her feel good and want to do more. The thing about a woman is that she is always willing to give her best for you as long as you appreciate her. But it can be rather heartbreaking when you make her feel that all her efforts are yielding little results.

Say something original
If you spend your time apart but are thinking of each other, tell her something like "I miss the way your perfume smells when you get close to me." It will not only put a smile on her face but will also encourage her to please you in an original way.

Be chivalrous
Chivalry is far from being a dead art, and women still love it. Open her car door, place her chair at the restaurant and offer your jacket if she's cold. Whatever you do, she'll appreciate it greatly and return the favor tenfold. Be a gentleman!

Learn to do something for her
Women often think of men as being independent and self-serving, but learning to cook for her, when she knows you don’t like being in the kitchen will get you much loving. Prepare a nice meal... and there's no need to tell her that: “I helped you out”. It also shows you are thoughtful. It doesn’t have to be cooking. It could be helping her post her letter, help her in an assignment, drive her to school/work or buy her things you know she wants. Whatever it is you do for her, the idea is just to let her know you care enough to go out of your own way to make her happy.

Invite her out with your friends
Although you can still have time alone with your buddies, inviting her to a night out with the boys will mean a lot. Be sure to ask her to come, and not simply give in to her pressure tactics to include her in your plans. To do this means that you want her to be part of your life, something women appreciate. They don’t want to be like your furniture or cars; things you have around you because you need them to achieve specific goals. A woman will never be happy when you treat her as a means to an end. As a “tool”. Inviting her to participate in an activity you enjoy i.e. a time out with your friends indicates you love her enough for her to be part of your world.

Contemplate her beauty
It might seem weird to her, but show her and tell her that you love to look at and appreciate her eyes, lips, neck, and hair.

Take a trip together
Okay, so this one doesn't really count as a little thing, but it will put stars in her eyes when she discovers that you've planned a getaway. Don't forget to bring some honey and candles for late-night entertainment.

Call or e-mail for no reason
Picking up the phone in the middle of the day just to see how her day is going will work wonders. Even sending her a witty e-mail, filled with love’s lingo, is sure to brighten her day and put a smile on her face. A woman needs to feel secure. Security is not only about finances, she also wants to feel emotionally secured. She wants to know that you love her. Remember making a woman feel secure emotionally is not a thing you do at once, it’s a thing you “keep doing”. So keep sending those love mails.

Leave her a note
If you live together, what better way to start the day than by leaving her a love note on the bathroom mirror before you leave for work? She will love beautifying herself to a personalized note from her very own Prince Charming. You can even prepare her lunch and leave a personal tag with big kisses.
Say I love you
Yes, I love you. Those simply words. Saying them on regular bases, is to the love you share, as fuel is to a fire. Remember we said love is like a fire that needs to be tended to. Those three words will always go a long way in keeping love from waxing cold.

Keeping  love alive is key in every relationship, although am not in one my self but i have come to find out through careful observation and study that the above ideas help in keeping love alive.